Total support

The collective development by the most suitable processes from development to production

We design and manufacture products to suit every customers needs, and we will provide a consistent high quality service and maintenance of the product after installation.

Experienced personnel listens to customers’ needs, summarizes the specifications and adjust by implementing every available technology.
Based on the specifications, we consider the specific configuration of the system are summarized in the meeting to create an overall plan.
To simulate a combination of the vision system to check if there is any behavioral problems.
Mechanical design is made in parts that make up the system in a 3D environment using the CAD Equipment
We make the design of control section to operate as one system of multiple mechanical parts together.
Manufacturing equipment manufacture parts from raw material using mechanical equipment.
We build each machined part precisely and make sure every one of them is in workable state.
We make sure the mechanical parts are assembled as designed, complete with equipment inspection.
Operational test will be conducted on the machine part to determine if it could make the product correctly.
We deliver a finished system to the factory of the customer and install each machine according to a layout design.
The system is put into operation, and the mass production of the product begins at the factory.
We provide back up to system operation strongly with a perfect support system after the delivery.