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Thermix Co., Ltd., former Kyoei Engineering, has a 70-year history, and through those years, it has contributed to automotive industry and aviation industry by engineering support for their mass-production. We are proud of having played a part of such a critical role in global production in those key industries for Japan over decades.

Our strengths are 1) cutting-edge insights and experiences in production line, 2) integration capability covering design, manufacture and installation of machines and jigs, and 3) project management skills to lead our customers and partner companies to complete projects under various constrains. All of these are essential to create value to our customers by achieving smooth “Start of Production”.

In the future, production itself is expected to change dramatically and we have to overcome the challenges such as further automation, multi-materials, flexible lines, carbon neutrality, digitalization, global production optimization. In order to provide more value to our customers facing such challenges, we are committed to sustain further growth by leveraging both our long-standing strengths and new innovation. We believe both of them are keys to make ourselves one of the leading global production line builders.

President, Representative Director   Norihoro Matsuo