Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thermix Co., Ltd. (referred to as the “Company” hereafter) recognizes the importance of the thorough protection of personal information. The Company safeguards all personal information with structural standards and ensure the joint recognition of our employees regarding the matter in accordance with the regulated policy as stated below:

1.Management of personal information

The Company employs a strict management of personal information of our customers, in order to keep all information updated and to prevent unauthorized access to, loss, damages, falsification and leaking of any personal information. The Company takes the necessary measures to retain security system, consolidating the management structure and thorough education to the employees.

2.Purpose of use

The Company will not make use of any personal information, without the consent of the customers, provided when inquiries and job applications were made, for any purposes other than to respond to said inquiries and job applications.

3.Prohibiting the disclosure and provision of personal information to third party

The Company applies appropriate management of the personal information of our customers, and will not disclose the information to any third party, with exception to the following circumstances:
– When it is made with the customer’s consent.
– When it is necessary to manufacturers under the request of the customer.
– When stipulated by law or regulations.
– When protecting a human life, health or property from jeopardy, or in an equivalent emergency, and obtaining the consent of the customer is difficult.
– When it is necessary for use on the purpose of the improvement of public health, or the development of children’s welfare, and obtaining the consent of the customer is difficult.
– When stipulated by law or regulations for cooperation in the affairs of government organization, local public organization, or any entrusted person, and obtaining the consent of the customer is difficult which may result in the hindrance of said affairs.

4.Safety measures of personal information

The Company takes all possible measure to safeguard the security and accuracy of all personal information.

5.Customer referrals

The Company will respond to request to update, amend and erase any personal information upon the authenticity confirmation of said person.

6.Observance of Japanese law and regulations and its revision

The Company will observe and obey Japanese law, regulations and criterions related to the protection of personal information, whilst continue to review and revise this privacy policy as the Company sees fit.