Development Products

We self-develop industry equipment constituting a manufacturing line based on our abundant experience and know-how. We can offer revolutionary patented commodity unavailable anywhere else.

Robot Test Equipment (Patent Registered)

Hybrid hemming press (Patent Registered)

New environment correspondence type small size hybrid Heming press

We have achieved significant reductions in both installation and operational costs by downsizing.
*This product received and developed development grants in the country in 2010 fiscal year.

Introduction of the new generation robot vehicle examination device [PAT.]

The vehicle examination is done with stability for the automatic operation and a long term by the robot that does the same operation as humans.


・It is a vehicle examination device by the robot that provides with the hand and the arm unlimitedly brought close to man’s maneuvering feeling.
・It is possible to do by adopting the control equipment for FA stabilizing the endurance examination, the operating physical force measurement, and the examination business of the measured data collection etc. for a long term by the automatic operation.
*This equipment development has received the assistance of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency “Product development support business of the small and medium enterprise”.
*※The robot vehicle examination device is patent Registered. The robot performance examination device is applying for a patent now.


1. Because a special controller for FA is used, it is excellent in reliability and maintenance compared with the system with a general-purpose personal computer.
2. A steady examination can be done for a long term by using the industrial-use robot that it is highly accurate and durability is high.
3. Because seven axis type is adopted in the robot for the indoor performance examination, it is possible to operate it easily even by spaciousness with a narrow light car.