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Company Information


1947 Oct. KYOEI Industrial Works was established at the current site of Mizushima Plant.
1950 Apr. KYOEI KOGYO CO., LTD. was established.
1962 Jan. We won Secretary of small and medium Enterprise Prize as excellence business company.
1966 Jan. Relocated the plant to Mizushima Machinery & Metal Industrial Complex for plant expansion due to growing demand for automobiles.
1971 May. Dealings began with DAIHATSU MOTOR CO.,LTD.
1975 Nov. Recognition from the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. Mizushima factory to the hallmark delivery factory is received.
1988 May. Dealings began with Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.
Dec. Constructed Kushiro Plant and relocated the Machining Section.
1992 Nov. KYOEI Engineering Co., Ltd. was established.
Dec. Formed technical assistance contracts with PAMINDO Co., Ltd. (Indonesia)
1997 Feb. Jointly established KPC Co., Ltd. with VPMI Co., Ltd. (Philippines)
1999 Oct. Dealings began with SUZUKI Motor Corporation
Dec. Certified ISO 9001
2000 Apr. Opened Nagoya Branch.
2002 Jan. KYOEI Service Co., Ltd. was established.
Feb. Financed TRI Engineering Co., Ltd.
Jun. Certified ISO 14001
2003 Apr. Merged Machining Business Section of KYOEI KOGYO CO.,LTD
Jul. Opened Kyusyu Branch.
2007 Apr. Dealings began with Mazda Motor Corporation
Jul. Certified MSJ4000
Sep. Jointly established KP-TEC INC. with VPMI Co., Ltd.
2008 Mar. Certified EN/JISQ/AS9100
partnered with JUI LI ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (Taiwan)
2009 Sep. Tied up with HYTECH Co., LTD.
2010 Mar. Kyoei Services Co., Ltd. changed its name to KYOEI Confidence Establishment Co., LTD. inherited a business
2014 Feb. A joint venture with PT PAMINDO TIGA T ,Co., Ltd. founded the KPE Co., Ltd.
2020 Oct. KYOEI HOLDINGS CO., LTD. was established.
2022 Apr. Thermix CO., Ltd. was established.